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1. Dr.med.sc.prof.Silvija Altaras-Penda, Zagreb
Original document can be downloaded from the following linkhttp://www.demi-nikolatesla.com/images/tex-1.jpg
Access to work Dragica Mihajlovic primarily goes as usual, through the profession: a few short years past, suddenly, as if from nothing, developed and manufactured now so numerous. fashion items, for different purpose, the type of fabric and cut, with utkanim the idea and the way the performance of the original motives - to the innovative measures that are protected as the author. 

Time was also born and distinctive, peculiar style, which, whether in leather, silk or jeans, it provides great pleasure to those who wear this evening dress uniform, gown, pants, bodi, purse, or a tie or scarf and umbrella, with motifs Croatian cities, interlacing, and Glagolitic - making CRO ETNO brand. Catalog whole range is understood as an original Croatian product and global levels, explains the numerous awards and recognitions, invitations, and many individual expressions of enthusiasm, whether you are one of the above-mentioned received or gave, or intended to ourselves. It reflects the essence of a dense and happiness, and different people and those from various segments of public life in our country and beyond. 
DEMI design studio brings a narrative understanding of opportunities Cro-shop, Euro-Shop, Planet-shop - as the authentic expression and display a person's development and demonstration as an example to all longing interesting stories about success. But this is not the end, but rather the beginning and brings us back to that from which everything and run on Dragica itself. Considering one of the many, of his youth alone in Zagreb, extremely hardworking, an engineer by education of textile technology, the profession truly pregalac constantly employed for domestic and foreign employer to time to private enterprise and supported by his brother, and practically the whole of life in constant search for support through a number of pohađanih seminars, workshops, read books, travel - by attempting to use many methods and techniques from the circle of self-actualization through various forms of association with nature and people - Dragica Mihajlovic was almost wondering, revealed the ease with which moves the boundaries of their understanding of (not) sputanosti. Only so could incur a collection of business and protocol gifts and souvenirs with the logo of Nikola Tesla - Tesla Genius brand for the Future, a combination which almost completely revised concept of the impossible. From the first information to passionate preoccupation with the figure of Tesla's work and is fire, imaginative that his intention in any way zabilježivi express his personal appreciation, ais desire to point out many, possibly all, how can it be, for the common good, a universal action and goal , was achieved, albeit not everywhere and not always quite painless to suspiciousness and lunches and planting, different colored is a different weight, by its nature gives way to the joy of existence. And increasing readiness. This Dragica Mihajlovic himself produced a citizen of the world. And not just Tesla skill set in the service of advertising and some people's, even great works, the more they are not in his circle of activity, but conversely, from very remote, the remote angle of disbelief, it promotes the well-known and still unknown from Tesla works, and thus still owe the world. Genius for the future is not oživotvorio fullness (all) inspired their invention, but as far as he Dragica / to be waiting for us, through the connection of spiritual and wise men - and what Dragica his work appears as a kind of link - possible through the kindness and love for every man and of which no more effective force or not. Everyone in it can find and find their way around, depending on how the message gets puzzles or odgonetke and Dragica Mihajlovic, as is clearly seen, their future, with all the risks and joys, long ago began and focused.
2. Croatian Innovators Association, Zagreb, Vojislav Raušević, Secretary
Original document can be downloaded from the following linkhttp://www.demi-nikolatesla.com/images/tex-2.jpg
Croatian Association of Innovators, a national association of innovators in the Republic of Croatia regularly monitors the work of its innovators and seeks through its programs and projects in the best way to present their work and success. In this way the project was SUVENIR ARCA is our desire to penetrate to every manufacturer of souvenirs in Croatia who have entered their innovation and tradition traces. Making the selection of an evaluation of innovation through the work of jury courts in some exhibitions, we recognize and business owner DEMI DESIGN Dragica Mihajlovic, B. Sc. ing that, through its product - a great souvenir immortalized the work of the inventor Nikola Tesla. 

Verifying the quality of its innovations are numerous awards from national and international exhibitions. Feedback on the quality of their products and get recognition of all those who had the honor to wear the products DEMI DESIGN (our business partners in Geneva, Nuernebergu, Brussels, Budapest, China, and....). 

Certificate for all received Dragica Mihajlovic and receive recognition and a memorial plaque with the image of Nikola Tesla for a special contribution to the promotion of the character of Nikola Tesla in Croatia and abroad, the Academy of Engineering. What else to say but that is UIH proud to have in its membership such innovators.
3. Prof.dr.sc. Ana Marija Grancarić, President of AMCA TTF, Zagreb, associate member of the HATZ
Original document can be downloaded from the following linkk: http://www.demi-nikolatesla.com/images/tex-3.jpg
Dragica Mihajlovic has been an active and exemplary alumni textile studies and member of the Association Almae Croaticae Matris Alumni - Technologiae Textilis Facultatis (AMCA TTF). Achieved titles, medals and awards Dragica Mihajlovic is undoubtedly proven commitment to the promotion of Croatian heritage highly valuable design work. After collection motivated Croatian cities and national parks created a collection with motifs of Nikola Tesla and protect its innovation and brand under the name: Tesla - Genius for the Future. Fifteen prizes won, from September 2008. to date, attracted great attention of the International Federation of Inventors Association (International Federation of Inventors' Associations, IFIA). Association AMCA TTF felt this crucial moment of its promotion of the character of Nikola Tesla and the Croatian Academy of Engineering (HATZ) proposed innovation Dragica Mihajlovic for recognition of the academic community. Her works have undoubtedly been sufficient to grant her Academy award. To the delight of the Croatian academic community and the Association of Textile AMCA TTF, the Assembly of the HATZ in March 2009. Dragica Mihajlovic awarded: Recognition and memorial plaque with the image of Nikola Tesla for a special contribution to the promotion of the character of Nikola Tesla in Croatia and abroad. This dosegom Dragica open doors in Europe and the world, I believe in long lasting and successful. With the support of the Croatian Dragica can win European and remote areas.
4. Nemanja Jevremović, Tesla , Projects Laboratory Inc., Ontario-Canada
Original document can be downloaded from the following linkhttp://www.demi-nikolatesla.com/images/tex-4.jpg
Company Profile:  Tesla Projects Laboratory Incorporated is a new formed company located in Kitchener, Ontario (Canada). President and CEO Nemanja Jevremovic have been working on recreations of Tesla’s famous patents and inventions for over a decade now. Our passion is in accurate and artistic modeling of High Voltage and other Tesla’s inventions that can be used for Personal, Commercial or Museum display purposes.  Our Statement: “As an Engineer I have to say that I truly believe that Tesla Coil Oscillator or Magnifier Transmitter was a godsend gift to us through a greatest mind of all times, Nikola Tesla, so we can use nature’s laws and nature’s resources the way we are supposed to, without destruction, alteration or modification that will ultimately lead humanity to disaster. Designing and building 1,000,000V replica of Tesla Coil Apparatus was an ultimate thrill, and nothing in engineering world so far has drawn my attention more than this century old, simple yet a device of Future Transport of Energy. Replicating this beautiful apparatus has put me in a state of almost hypnotic happiness that like aurora protected me from tiredness and exhaustion. Many hours can pass without noticing or being aware of your surroundings and seeing the results of true electrical magic that Tesla Coil can produce no words can describe, and one just knows……..our future is there”  Our Partners:  Working with Dragica Mihajlovic, who I consider a friend and valuable business partner, gave me an insight into other possibilities in promoting Nikola Tesla’s Name. Using non-technical aspect through fashion and beautiful design of Dragica Mihajlovic it is possible to overcome technical difficulties that average person can understand and educate individuals throughout the globe about Tesla, his work and what he has done for our planet crating 20th  century to evolve as it was.   Let’s put Nikola Tesla’s name back where it belongs, let’s make an events that will educate our youth and stubborn older generation, to open their mind and even make a statutory holiday that celebrates this great scientist and human being. 
5. Nikoleta Vujović, psihoorijentolog, head of the Silva method in Croatia, Zagreb
Original document can be downloaded from the following linkhttp://www.demi-nikolatesla.com/images/tex-5.jpg
Dragica as a participant Silva method of mind development taught using synchronous operation on the left (logical-rational) and right (creative-intuitive) brain hemisphere, and thus more than doubled skill, creativity and intuition, creating a new brand of Nikola Tesla. As Nikola Tesla received information about new inventions in the subjective level so the Dragica came to the idea of the project in his mental exercises. What began as an information-ideas in the subjective world today has elements of the objective world and we can see these products, feel, smell and enjoy them. This combination of objective and subjective world is always present and it is the simplicity and beauty in which we live.
6. Interview with dr. Pavuna
Dr. Pavuna, Vi ste poznati stručnjak i poznajete radove Tesle - imate li kakve nove uvide?

Da. Tesla je bio vrlo duhovan čovjek i njegova duhovnost i kreativna neuobičajena psiha su još dramatično zanemareni u svim knjigama i analizama. Poznato je da je imao duboke uvide u indijsku duhovnu tradiciju, no većina autora nedovoljno shvaća i naglašava do koje mjere je njegova duhovnost imala utjecaj na njegov rad i općenito sve što mi još i danas još spoznajemo planterano !

Dr. Pavuna, you are a recognized Tesla expert: do you have anything to add to the well known facts about Nikola Tesla?

Yes, Tesla was profoundly spiritual person and this aspect of his life is still insufficiently emphasized, although we are numerous who understand his insights. It will take some time until the mankind grasps his deep insights and visions, but things are happening: We are still living the Tesla dreams!

Dakle, bit će još i znanstvenih i tehnoloških otkrića?

Da. Mi danas shvaćamo neke vrlo fine uvide, no zasad nisu za širu javnost. Recimo zasad da je Tesla imao svoje vlastite uvide u ono što mi danas zovemo kvantna fizika, a to vodi u dodatne spoznaje i otkrića koja se mogu činiti znanstvena fantastika. Na tome se trenutno aktivno radi posvuda ...

So, there will be more scientific and technological discoveries?

Yes. We do understand some very subtle Tesla insights, yet it is too early to release it to the general public. Let me just say that contrary to many previous analysts, Tesla had an insight into what we call today quantum physics, and that leads to many remarkable consequences. Many distinguished scientists are nowadays working along these lines.

Po Vama, Nikola Tesla je živ !?

Da, kao i sva osvještena Božja Bica i svi veliki kreatori čovječanstva. Samo socio-politički manipulatori  brzo odumiru, čim nam se svijest podigne ... zato ostajmo pozitivni i zaživimo Ljubavi Zajedništvo - Svi - ovdje i sada : to je i Teslin Put !

For you, Tesla is alive and well !?

Indeed, as all fully aware Divine Beings and all great creators of mankind.  Only socio-political manipulators quickly die-out, as soon as our consciousness raises ... so, we should be positive and live our Love and Togetherness - All - here and now : that's also the Tesla way !

-------Prof. Dr. Davor Pavuna


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