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Design studio DEMI DESIGN
Turopoljska 24 b. 10000 Zagreb-Croatia
Tel/Fax: + 385 (1) 2331 663
E-mail: demi@demidesign.hr

Design studio DEMI DESIGN was founded in Zagreb in 2005. The first steps started with a project “On the Track of Croatian Motifs to Fashion Clothes and Souvenirs” which was inspired by recognizable motifs of Croatian cities, the Glagolitic script and the interlacing ribbon ornament. Within the scope of this project DEMI DESIGN registered a new Croatian trade mark CRO ETNO. The author participated with her products on numerous film, fashion and tourist events, and always attracted media attention. CRO ETNO products are being worn by world-renown scientists, diplomats, businessmen, Hollywood stars, celebrities in the world of sports and music. Among them are the Chancellor of the Technical University at Lodz (Poland), the President of AUTEX (France), Dean of the ESITH University from Casablanca, Prof. Ana Grancarić, Hollywood stars like Oprah, sir Roger Moore and others. Further on, the list includes Thomas Muster, Julian Rachlin, Adreas Vedras, the President of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations IFIA, David Taji-Farouki, President and organizer of innovators in Switzerland, the world-renown footwear designer Gimmi Baldinini, the President of Croatia Stjepan Mesić and many other celebrities from the world of sports, music and fashion. 

Building on the success of the CRO ETNO trade mark, the author continues her inspiration with the innovation and design of “Tesla - Genius for the Future”. Design and innovation are protected as intellectual property. This innovation was presented in several countries on innovation fairs, and the author collected a number of awards and prizes (15 medals and awards from September 2008 until August 2009). 

A special acknowledgement is the award of the Croatian Academy of Technical Sciences, the Grand Prix for the best product and souvenir in 2009, given at the souvenir fair Kvarner EXPO09 in Opatija. The author, designer and owner of the Design Studio DEMI DESIGN is Dragica Mihajlović. She graduated from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, and continued to acquire a rich experience during 15 years of cooperation with German fashion houses in the organization and monitoring of production and the production of collections. The combination of experience and love of fashion, design and the genius of Nikola Tesla resulted in the innovation “Tesla – Genius for the Future”.  

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