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In response to a challenge of creating an interesting and unusual collection of business and protocol gifts and souvenirs for the promotion of the character and work of Nikola Tesla which will be recognizable in Croatia and abroad, the project “Tesla – Genius for the Future” was conceived and an idea about a collection inspired by the Nikola Tesla logo woven into the fabrics and stamped on leather was created. 

A high quality manufacture and design of the products inspired by the name of Nikola Tesla are fit for business persons, other people distinguished in their profession as well as diplomacy. The project is based on the original design using the Nikola Tesla logo which was printed on fabrics used in the manufacture of business gifts and souvenirs (briefcases, folders, wallets) and woven into articles of clothing and gifts (ties and scarves). In addition to the Nikola Tesla logo the products bear the stamp “Tesla – Genius for the Future”. 

The collection consists of high quality products (scarves, ties, briefcases, folders, passport etuis, wallets, cups) and a high quality packaging design in accordance with use.  

Alongside every product there is a label with a brief story of Tesla’s life from his humble origins in Croatia to New York, translated into several languages. 

The elements of innovation and design woven and painted on the fabric of the Tesla collection are:
- The title Genius for the Future
- Tesla’s initials 
- Tesla’s pigeon
- Formula for magnetic induction tesla
- Tesla’s house of birth in Smiljan
- The scientist’s portrait 
- Quotations of the inventor from his autobiographic work My Inventions
All these elements and the innovation were richly awarded in the world of innovation, as witnessed by numerous prizes, medals and acknowledgements. The most important of all is that it was all created from heart and with a deep respect and admiration for the great inventor. 

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